Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Difference between the Formal and informal invitations

There are two types of invitations which are normally sent to the people: formal and informal. The informal ones can be sent by way of calling up the people or even by using the cards written with informal language. Actually, it is not the medium of communication but the style of communication which determines whether the cards being sent are informal or formal. So, if the invitation cards are being sent, either in the printed form or in the electronic form, then it is the language which is used in these cards which is the determining criteria for its being formal or informal. However, most of the invitations, just like the Christmas cards, are actually formal in nature.
How does the language on these cards determine whether these are formal in nature or informal? The informal cards will seek to have better connectivity with the person to whom these are being sent while the formal ones might be more neutral in tone and tenor. The way the invitee is addressed is another indicator. The informal cards will have a more personal way of addressing the other person while the other ones are more likely to use the normal way of addressing without any personal connotations.
Besides the language, even the graphics on the card also tell about its nature. More subtle color tones, with little or no graphics gives the card a more formal touch. Even the graphic designs can tell the same.
Take the example of business card printing. If there are a number of colors being used on the card and the graphics are also bold, will it convey that it give the formal and professional look? The same is the case with the printing of invitations or the personalised Christmas cards.
There are many companies online which give you this facility to put your designs and graphics on the given space on the templates of the cards. This is to customize the cards but the users shall take note of this fact that the designs to be developed shall be able to give out the desired look. The different mixes of the elements of design are an important part of the whole process. These websites also give you the leverage to put your own text at the relevant parts of the template. So, depending upon whether you want the invitations to be formal or informal, it is important to make use of the right language for the purpose. The feature of customization does lend a great deal of flexibility to users but due to lack of professional writing or designing skills, there could be a problem in creating a purely formal invitation.
Formal invitations have to be worded carefully so as to effuse the warmth as well as maintain neutrality. This requires a fine balancing act. However, in case of the informal ones, you can adopt a more personal language but take care not to be vulgar or disrespectful. This, too, requires fine balancing of the words.


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